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There are 2 types of pricing that show and which we need to chose from.

Cumberland Metals Case

With this in mind, CMI management was very interested in a new product that could be used as a cushion pad in pile driving. The only problem left is to decide what price should the company charge for the new product, and it is a decision case.

The curled metal pads lasted longer then asbestos pads and were easier to change. Lastly, we have construction supply houses which are basically at the retail level. However, the new cushion pad is better than these two because it can stretch in both length and width to provide more resilience, and also effectively transmit the force power without changing the power to heat or other mechanics.

According to these figures, a range of million toof piles were driven annually calculation: Having no one else to compete with lets you take all of the market share without any hesitation or obstacles.

So curled metal cushion pads in an exciting industry application that must be carefully considered to the benefit to Cumberland Metal Industries. The people need CMI to excel in those two areas because they lower costs and help all the segments decide whether or not to buy our product.

Cumberland had done the same with Slip-Seal, where they acquired 80 percent and it had elevated their company to where it is now. This is an important step in determining the marketing strategy. Finally, the independent pile-driving contractors are the main purchasers and they will do whatever they can to increase their profit.

However, the renting companies will eave negative influence on the market because they want to make their customers rent as long as they can, but the COM pad reduced the time needed.

The asbestos cushion pad can only drive feet per hour while the COM cushion pad can drive feet per hour. Other influences on pricing: As a result, the management at CMI realized the importance of diversifying its product-line so that the company does not rely as heavily on SlipSeal or the automobile industry.

The pads offered CMI an opportunity to diversify its product line and increase its sales volume. How large is the market for curled metal pads. It means that the price of the product should base on the value it reduced to the customers.

Also extensive promotion should be present at the place that CMI is being sold to get more people aware of the product itself and the various benefits it has over any other alternative that there is.

Is it more important for CMI to strive for high profits or build for market share. And also independent contractors can prove its performance as well. It started as being a company that sells highly technical products, as the finished product, then it transitioned to selling products that were used as work in progress materials.

Curled metal cushion pads seem to have more potential than any other product we've ever introduced. It implies that there will be a huge potential profit in the market as a whole.

These entities have different influence on the market and the price. He is a well-known and respected academia, proficient in the study of pile driving and will only help CMI and the metal cushion pads to become the industry standard and most recognized pile driving pad to date.

Identifying the size of the market will help CMI establish future sales figures and cash flows from the new product. Once independent pile-driving companies such as Colerick and Fazio try the product and see the unique value and advantages that CMI pads offer, they can promote the product through word of mouth and by exemplary job execution which will in turn help aid in making CMI pads the new industry standard and most well-known pile-driving pad brand.

That is doubly so for a firm that sales dipping and not sure about their market share. What price should be quoted to a potential buyer such as the Colerick Foundation. Pile manufacturers needed to be accounted for because they are such a large part of purchasing decision for these cushion pads and could manufacture them on our behalf.

Based on a report by Construction Engineering magazine, the manager Simpson estimated that there were to hammers operating about 25 weeks per year, and for each week, the hammers would be used for 30 hours.

The reviews that we are getting now is free, so that will add credibility to the product if it is introduced because it shows genuine interest in the product based on how it is alone. Based on the Exhibit 6, there are two ways to manufacture the cushion pad. We encourage CMI to identify the top contractors and dispatch sales representatives to educate these companies on the benefits of the new CMI metal cushion pad in comparison to what is currently being offered in the market asbestos pads.

He also assumed that the total of 19, to 26, hammers would operate about 30 hours per week and 25 weeks per year, which equates to hours per hammer per year.

This Case Study Cumberland Metal Industries and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 5, • Case Study • 5, Words (22 Pages) • 2, Views. Page 1 of /4(1). case study: quallity metal servce center q1.

Is the capital investment proposal described in Exhibit 3 an attractive one for Quality Metal Service Center? Yes, the purpose of a company is to maximum the profit, and as Elizabeth Barret suggested,it can help company to make more profit. Cumberland Metals Case Study Essay Words | 8 Pages The “Cumber-Coil”: A Revolutionary Product for the Value-Conscious SITUATION ANALYSIS Cumberland Metals Industries developed a new type of cushion pad for pile drivers made of curled metal.

Black & Decker HBR Case Study Analysis. BlueFin Labs Case Analysis. Curled. Case Analysis – Cumberland. About Cumberland Metal Industries (CMI) is one of the largest manufacturers of curled metal determine a method for pricing and ultimately a price for the new metal pads.

Secondly, Cumberland must decide which market they should 3/5(2). Essays; Cumberland Metals Case; We recommend Cumberland Metal Industries capitalize on their evolving position as a leader in the curled metal industry and effectively launch their new curled metal cushion pads to be positioned as the “new industry standard” in the pile driving market.

proficient in the study of pile driving and.

Cumberland Metal Industries

Cumberland Metals Case Study Company Overview In less then 20 years, Cumberland Metal Industries has grown from $, thousand dollars in sales to $ million dollars in sales. It started as being a company that sells highly technical products, as the finished product, then it transitioned to.

Cumberland metals case study essay
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Cumberland Metal Industries - Case Study